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      This man took me to a very dark place, a place that I thought I would never come back from. These are highly advanced entities but viewed as being of a negative, hostile or dangerous disposition since they regard humans as a totally inferior race. It was not doing much besides sitting down on the icy floor looking concerned and worried. Compare my descriptions to someone you see on television. There is the old Draconian race which are the Dragon Turtles. I met a man who was very rich and also a business man. As a girl, Cobie had set her sights on becoming a doctor or a marine biologist. Putin Announces The World’s Ruling Class Are Reptilians. The reptilians break open the brig and take Rajiin away with them. Posts about Reptilian written by Mason I. Lyrics video: - Sorcery and the Apeiron. Best Answer: I wish I had a mind that could believe anything just because I read it somewhere.

      Recently I got an email message from a man who said that he had been someone by the name of Altazar, and that he had been involved in a war with the Reptilians and had blown up one of their planets. Hope everyone enjoys my story. One of the things I experienced was a confrontation with a Reptilian? I always thought the guy was just demonically possessed, but now that I've come across a few descriptions of Reptilians, I think he may have been one. This drawing is similar to the reptilians in my dream and were dressed in robes of royalty, and their snouts (faces) were exactly like this one. "To heal a situation it must first be exposed Once exposed it must be healed. a real alien conspiracy 1. THE LACERTA FILES. And lol dislikes Peggy Kanes claims. The dire conclusions Jordan has reached are mitigated by his own fascinating personal story: that he was groomed and prepared for his current role by nothing less than a group of benevolent ETs - one of whom he met in person in the guise of the father of a girl he met when he was just 19. Last year, she was dressed in a Thom Browne black puffer coat, while the 2016 event called for a yellow. And some others who would not have the sense of humor to accept any joke about their own silly believes. Shockwaves are reverberating around the Kremlin today as word spreads regarding an extraordinary meeting called by Vladimir Putin yesterday where, according to sources, the Russian president said that “95% of the world’s ruling class are not even human,” but are “cold-blooded. This time a real apex predator!! One of our resident reptilians lounging on the side of the bayou and trying to catch some rays! I am in the shallow waters in front of him and am leaving this ten footer a clear path to the deep water to my right!.

      She used to get tricked by her coach for money but now she's doing the exact same thing, that's why people don't like that attitude. Brothers, I am preparing a thread for us soon, congregating with the Gangsta nation (reptilians in disguise, as if human skin is not enough), and we shall start a thread at the latest of midnight today. The Man Who Met Enki & Lives to Tell About it how Reptilians blend into society using. It's been scientifically proven that humans have a primitive section of life sustaining processes inside the brain stem known as the "reptilian brain. 4th Street Louisville, Kentucky 40202 Yep. and the reptilians never came back to Earth (as far as we know). Now how to get more members. The name of their royal line is the House of Aln. I 'm a Draconian. The pop star said that he had switched between human form and that of an 8-foot-tall reptile on multiple occasions when. In both interviews the story which Mutwa tells, both of ancient African/world history, and of his own bizarre experiences, are nearly identical. This entity stood taller than the others of its species and actually wore an Egyptian headdress with a cobra snake motif on the front! I saw the sketch she drew.

      She was brought before the "Ancient One" my nickname for the reptilian chieftain that she met. reptilians April 14, 2017 December 2, Only with these three requirements being met can the information that follows be understood in its proper context. Former American President Dwight D. reed, susan - the body snatchers. But they are not Jew. This could mean that the reptilians are just one species of Anunnaki. They attempt to appeal to potential recruits with speculations on common conspiracy theories about UFOs, aliens, the Elite, the Illuminati, vaccines, HAARP, global warming, the New World Order, inter-dimensional reptilians and so on, as they are filtered through the Desteni ideology, which is a re-worked version. There are two major categories of Alpha Draconian Reptilians. Inner Earth became the "homeland" for most of the surviving Reptilians of Lemuria. Well, I met also people believing that a virgin gave birth to a child who actually was his own father. He had to be sedated or they held him down somehow, but I can't find any tracks, not a scuff, other than his own. I will assume that the reader is already familiar with the reptilian mystery as described in such websites aswww. ET Council: War with Grey-Draco Reptilian ETs is Won Tolec states that the AndromedaCouncil informed him that the Council had met and decided on a war of. I don't think I've ever met a reptile who seemed to actually experience happiness. From the Proto-Indo-European ghers-and the Latin horrere meaning “to bristle with fear”, it suggests that the word has connotations of very physically and viscerally reacting in that very reptilian way.

      The Draco Reptilians originate from a planet which orbits Alpha Draconis which is is between Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. In Stargate 2, there was a creature it was a spitting likeness of BUMBA, the African Creator God of Vomit. com and www. This is the middle layer of our brains, surrounding the reptilian brain. 2019 Nashville 505 Deaderick Street, Nashville, TN 37243 7. Shoot me a PM and I'll give you his number. So, if you met a wild eyed, snarling tiger, fear would seem the right word to fit; on a darkened night, alone in the forest, when a breath. This could mean that the reptilians are just one species of Anunnaki. Quest failure (if Doggart is not met at the exit before the time runs out) Tips and Misc. UNDERSTANDING THE REPTILIAN MIND.

      They get the name Reptilian from their physical characteristics in which they resemble that of a reptile mixed with a human. ' This is a mind-set that believes in scarcity and limitation when the Earth is actually abundant and unlimited. And some others who would not have the sense of humor to accept any joke about their own silly believes. Is Justin Bieber A Reptilian? Check Out This Video The Illuminati Doesn't Want You To See! these giant reptilian looking orbs. Alien Dream Meaning Psychological meaning: Given that you have not been adducted during the night, to dream of an alien indicates that you have encountered part of the psyche which is unfamiliar to you. It happened to me in the early 1980s, long before anyone talked. Melissa Le Roy Monday, November 1, 2010. Along the way, he picked up a question from a reporter for little-known outlet TruNews—a website that characterizes itself as “the world’s leading news source that reports, analyzes, and. blaqueheartedarken said sure thers no al sharpton but the media is biased thats why u only see blacks doing crimes when all americans do. And perhaps it is older than me. UFO’s are seen on a regular basis in even the most remote places. it is what she does. (Part 5) Most who are familiar with psychopaths have met the simple, petty thieves types who have no self understanding and. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more!. Reid Meloy's Reptilian State Theory hypothesizes that psychopaths are more like reptiles than mammals.

      Update on Secret Space Programs, Full Disclosure and Humanity’s Future. The Democratic Party needs to stand with women who have been harassed—and not defend the politicians who abused them. Shockwaves are reverberating around the Kremlin today as word spreads regarding an extraordinary meeting called by Vladimir Putin yesterday where, according to sources, the Russian president said that "95% of the world's ruling class are not even human," but are "cold-blooded. Opponents of Lawrence Summers for a second turn as Treasury secretary have, of course, brought up his 1991 memo as chief economist of the World Bank, in which he wrote that poor countries need more pollution, not less. NSFW usually. I faced my fears, showed it love and mercy and set it free. This had nothing to do with the "theory" of ascending evolution but everything to do with the FACT of lateral mutation. " Once the reptilian has started to manipulate a human who is compatible he will do one of the following; 1) Ride. As you can imagine, there are a lot of high intensity scenarios, with tough deadlines, conflicting opinions, and. and the reptilians never came back to Earth (as far as we know). I dont think I have ever met a girl who is on my wavelength in my entire life, all the girls I've ever met have seemed to be "wrong" on some level that I would have to go at. interior the entire that constitutes human life, in basic terms the few pile close to the very center are saved from touch with the Lunatic Fringe (and that i exploit this time era playfully).

      I first met Effluvia at a UFO Conference in the southwest. April 9, 2016 Baxter Dmitry. Can you describe any of your reptilian coded mind control programs, how they accessed and triggered your programs–or recall how and when they were installed?. From the Sumerians, to the Mayan, to the Egyptians, to the Chinese, even the Christians have given accounts of intelligent reptilians living among us. " That is, a Buddha who became enlightened as a reptilian. Summarising all the research I have read, the people I have met, and the accounts of those who claim to have experienced these reptile humanoids or reptilians, the following appears to be the case. Reptilians as Disinformation I find it rather odd that this reptilian business is relatively new to the field of UFO research. The Democratic Party needs to stand with women who have been harassed—and not defend the politicians who abused them. I came across this article about a year ago and meant to do a post about it then. Identification and characterization of a reptilian GnRH are numbered beginning with the first Met residue in the ORF. There are two major categories of Alpha Draconian Reptilians. I only knew and looked at him while he met Duterte last week and I had an uneasy feeling in my heart which signals his emotions are not human. and the reptilians never came back to Earth (as far as we know). I met Barbara a few times and liked her a lot.

      I was living in Ojai at the time with some folks I affectionately call the Hippies. The reptilian looked back forward and left the cave. Tag: Reptilians. I've encountered a reptilian yesterday I think I've met the person who ruined the rest of my life for 99 years. I had learned some valuable lessons about communication, witnessed nature’s power over the puny humans that scramble across the earth, eaten some delicious food and met a number of generous and helpful people. Only some of the carvings show reptilian figures; many show figures that look far more human, or even birdlike. One woman even watched her boyfriend morph into a lizardman mid-coitus. They are a telepathic race, lovers and keepers of peace and love, wanting to watch or help save of races enslaved by evil reptilians. Beloved one, you are the initiate, the beginning one, the one who is seeking, the one who wants to find. The Reptilians are blood drinkers and shape shifters, can turn into bats, animals and humans and have sex and rape victims like the Reptilians. The tuatara may look like a rather ordinary reptile, but it’s a highly unusual creature. The video shows us that when her eyes blink, the camera surprised when her eyes turn into eyes of the reptile. The Reptilians Are Real And Are Actually Demons From Hell. Reference to Kolob is found in the Book of Abraham, a work published by Latter Day Saint (LDS) prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.

      EDIT: come to think of it, I met another weird sort of black-giant entity that I knew was evil, for I was thrusted into a dungeon with it and it began to torment me. "Anger, anguish, hate, destruction, jealousy, rape," and it began to say very, very evil things to me. I have told my story before on Quora of one of them named Rebecca in San Isidro del Gene. I have also met Reptilians from Rigel, which is a star in the Orion constellation. The distinctive “look” of psychopathy: gazing into the face of evil If you have met someone who seems to stare at you excessively, or in a predatory way that. 2012, Reptilians, & Bluebeam The Atlantean Conspiracy, Conspiracy, I never heard of Reptilians until just a year ago, and I met my friend 12 years earlier. Karen Jennings was a test subject of Pinewood Farms. One of her neighbors spoke of being abducted to an underground city where she met strange humans and brown skinned reptilians. I highly suggest reading more about this theory here. New (Reptilian) World Order Gnostic seers who had met and repelled Archons observed the persisting presence of reptilians among the Dead Sea cult of the Zaddikim. [citation needed] The limbic brain also produces emotions. To not have to write the same basic story again, here a a couple of my answers to earlier similar questions. you are one of their agents. Reptilian people working in labs are the ones motivated to make the replicas.